Sunday, February 24, 2008's not just for preschoolers anymore...

oh it was a super fun playtime on thursday!
i just love how
laid back it is
you can play
you can be creative
you can talk
you can eat delish desserts
you can get inspired
you can shop
you can have celebrity sightings

love it!

in fact we were talking about
taking the playtime
on the road...
so we'll see
maybe we will be
in a city near you someday...

the lovely & talented paula wessells
took these pictures
(thanks, paula!)
because i forgot to bring my camera...
& i call myself a scrapbooker!

i love how ali's hands are all blurry
because she was waving them around
as she gave us a little technique tutorial...

i'm excited for our next one
in may...
if you are anywhere near eugene
& want to be notified when we have a date
email me:
& i'll hook you up...

happy creative days to you...

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

You can bring your CD show on the road here to NC. :) Jessica Sprague is our local celebrity here in Apex. Seriously, if you and (my auntie) Jill ever want to hit the road you are welcome here.

-Jennifer Davis