Thursday, October 16, 2008

come play november:thanks & giving session one examples

this example is the most pared down version
of my advent calendar
the kit that you get with session one
has lots of great options
patterned paper
so you can make it clean & simple
or fun & wild
& anything in between:)

our family has had a lot of fun with
this advent calendar over the last few years
it's really neat to remember the last year
all in one place
& count down to christmas too, of course:)

okay so...
on november 30 your advent calendar looks like this...

each day you turn over a number
on december 13 your advent calendar looks like this...
& you just keep flipping every day...
each day a new memory from the year before
on december 25 your advent calendar looks like this...

each year i make a new set of rectangles
& adhere it to the last year's set...
each day has pictures from all the years before
i am excited to make these with our group of fun friends...
what's that?
oh! you want to be in the group too?
email me
for more info on come play
go take a look at the come play blog
& then
come play!


cocoa daisy...october 2008

hanging boo decoration...

2009 calendar project...

cocoa daisy september 2008